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Limited Editions Newsletter #1: Above Average

Here at Limited Editions, we strive to give you the best information, comics selection, and customer service. To that end, we gave our manager and senior editor, LE | Luis, the job of keeping our patrons up to date on the comings and goings of our establishment, as well as some hot gossip in the comic book industry as a whole.

Good evening everyone, this is our first attempt at a newsletter. We're gonna try to put one of these out every month (?) or so to keep you posted on what's going on. Any questions?


LE | Luis, manager and senior writer at Limited Editions C&C. He manages the day to day of the shop, works on social media outreach, and writes articles some people say are “pretty good.” He’s a life-long fan of comics, loves hot dogs, bath and body works hand sanitizers, and people who try their best, but his true passion is writing bios for webpages.


We’re doing this because I saw Chip Zdarsky (my favorite Canadian, sorry Keanu) has a newsletter and I strive to live my life like his.

No, actually, comics have a weird relationship with the news, as they don't really have a relationship with any specific news sites. Every publisher pushes out information on their own platforms, and then your CBRs and BleedingCools and such report some or all of it, and if you don't devote all your time to it, you're bound to miss some stuff. There's also local news, rumors, changes around the shop or key issue news that get slipped to us behind the counter that we tell some people, but maybe we missed you, so now you can catch it here with some other news we've curated for you.

A lot of stuff happens week to week. Don’t you want to know everything??

Speaking of which...


DC and Marvel both came out with their solicitations for June and there is some GOOD stuff in there. Most websites that post them are awful so I’m waiting a few days until I can get my hands on a solid PDF or hard copy. Rest assured, we will a) post the good stuff on social media and b) talk about them here on the next newsletter. DC has a lot of new titles coming, and Marvel’s Hellfire Gala on the X-Men side of the pool looks like it’ll be a blast.


April and May have a chunk of new titles coming, including the start of Heroes Reborn, nearly three hundred Batman titles, and indie books for those who partake in Chip Zdarsky (I do) and Magic The Gathering (I don’t). There’s a lot of titles to cover so I’ll pick a few this time around and do more next time.

🔥🔥The Hot Stuff 🔥🔥

Shang-Chi | Ongoing? | Gene Luen Yang (W) | Marvel

Fantastic Four: Life Story | Mini | Mark Russel (W) | Marvel

I’m very excited for this one. Mark Russel is fantastic.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters | Crossover, Mini | Charles Soule (W), Steve McNiven (A) | Marvel

McNiven on art, you can’t not pick this up. 2021 is the year of Boba Fett.

Way of X | Mini | Si Spurrier (W) | Marvel

X-Men continues to be a ridiculously solid publishing line. I’m looking forward to this.

Silver Coin | Mini | Chip Zdarsky & more (W) | Image

Magic The Gathering | Ongoing | Jed MacKay (W) | Boom Studios

Rest assured, nerds, MacKay is a good writer. I won’t read this but if you’re a MTG guy, it’ll be worth it for you.

Green Lantern | Ongoing | Geoffrey Thorne (W) | DC

Next Batman: Second Son | Mini | John Ridley (W) | DC

Batman: The Detective | Mini | Tom Taylor (W), Andy Kubert (A) | DC

Tom Taylor does some of the best, fast-paced series around and Andy Kubert recently blew my sock off with Superman so I’m hyped here.

Robin | Ongoing | Joshua Williamson (W) |DC

The information above is sorted as “Title | Format | Writer or Artist | Publisher” with some comments if I felt it necessary.

If any of this information was confusing, stay tuned! We will make a concerted effort to inform you!

Recent Reads

Ummm... UltraMega was great! Awesome kaiju action. Bit pricey (7.99!) but absolutely worth it, as there were moments where I actually gasped. There’s a 2nd print coming, don’t miss it.

X-Men has been awesome, and not just the main title either. The line as a while shines, although I see a lot of people not knowing where to start reading. Will make an effort to give people starting points soon!

Eternals is great, still early to jump in, LE | Diego likes Non-Stop Spider-Man #1, and LE | Mark and I have been going on about Iron Man for half a year now.

Strange Adventures remains the best DC book on the stands! It’s gorgeous! It’s funny! It’s terrifying! There's war crimes! Why is it bi-monthly??

(I understand why it’s bi-monthly, please do not bully Tom King on twitter)


We order them.

No, really, a lot of people don't know we do that! Omnibuses and trades are great ways to read books and a lot of people would benefit (I think) from reading either older stuff or even stuff they haven't jumped into yet as a trade.

Chip Zdarsky's Daredevil Hardcover, for example, just hit shelves and its an easy way to jump into his fantastic run.

Hit us up for more details or recommendations. We would be more than happy to help.


Nothing to report.

I mean, our latest CBCS order hasn’t been shipped back yet. HOWEVER, we are planning on shipping out books as soon as we get our newest shipment. Could be tomorrow, could be another month, but we’re gonna try to shorten the turnaround time between shipments.

If you have a book you’re thinking of submitting, one of those juicy Thor #5s or Venom #3s that Donny Cates blew up or some old boxes your dad had in the attic, swing by and submit your books. We’ll keep you posted on more news as it arrives.


POP PATROL (and other figures)

Our distributor has been slow to ship stuff out. Sorry guys. Figures slated for January get pushed to February, which turns to March, which ends in like three minutes. No one’s more disappointed than us, believe me.

That said, short of another pushback, we should be expecting the Selena (Burgundy suit) pops in the next month🤞.

There was some more Attack on Titan pops put for order, including Levi and the elusive Female Titan (6-inch!).

We were gonna order some of those Zack Snyder JL figures as well, but the process took like four hoooouuuuuurrrrssssss, so we didn’t.

(We did. Coming this summer).


Marvel has made the business decision to split from Diamond Comic Distributors as their sole distributor for comic books.

What does that mean? It means that DCD no longer has either of the big two in its pocket, effectively ending its majority control of the comic book market. (It lost the monopoly last year when DC moved to UCS/Lunar->exclusively Lunar now).

This is a good thing according to capitalism because competition is a good thing. We are all Darwinists, you see.

What does it mean to you, Joe Public? Honestly, not much. Shops will add a third distributor to our order sheets which is a pain in the a$$, but on a practical level, books will still come in each week.

Prices might go up, but as DC seems to be looking at raising their prices anyway, that might be an inevitability.

Marvel will be switching to Penguin starting October 1st. More info to come.


We asked a few of our regulars for some questions. You know how this goes.

"Best Superhero Bromances?" -Mario M

5. Captain America and Iron Man

They're friend, I promise.

4. Power Man and Iron Fist

Quintessential duo. Classic 80s characters who managed to outlive their era.

3. Superman and Batman

They both think the other is the greatest hero on Earth, and they do this a lot more than punch each other.

2. Thor and Hyperion

What if Superman and Thor were friends? Over the course of his run, Hickman shows us that if Superman was in the Marvel Universe, he'd be Thor's drinking buddy.

1. Superman and Jimmy Olsen

Superman is on here twice, and if you want to be pedantic, he's on here three times, because an important aspect of his friendship with Jimmy is that he's friends with him as Superman, and he's friends with him as Clark Kent.

"In the spirit of the Superman & Lois show coming out, can someone explain how the Kents have two sons now? I'm totally lost! Is this somewhat canon or is this just a creative plot to get us to watch?" -David L

I'm gonna be honest and say I hadn't looked up anything about a CW show in some years so I thought this was about the two canon Superboys, Connor (who is a clone of Superman) and Jonathan (who is the son of the pre-New 52 Superman before he got merged with the New 52 Superman's soul to become one canon Superman). This is a whole other thing and if I go into it further, you and me are gonna get headaches.

The show, from what I've read, is even stranger.

Superman has two twin sons, Jonathan (named after his father, Jonathan) and Jordan (named after his father, Jor-El). It's very strange because the fact that they're twins gives equal importance to Earth, where he has lived for his entire life, and Kypton, where he was born and lived for five minutes before being shot into space in a rocket. Superman is an Earthman. No, it's not up to debate. That's the point of the character, so the fact that this is an important premise of the show makes me skeptical to boot up my CW Seed app (not a sponsor) and watch Superman and Lois every week.

It's strange thematically, it's not really supported in canon (not that it matters, but it does for some), and it seems like its only purpose is to drive familial drama.

Oh, did I mention that Jordan has SUPERPOWERS??

Yeah I'm gonna pass.


I know this was a bit of a long one, but I hope you found this some modicum of helpful. If you stuck through all the way to the end, we appreciate your patronage and hope you continue keeping up with our updates. If you skimmed it, you aren't gonna read this sentence anyway.

We’ll crank these out semi-regularly to keep you all updated. Please send any questions for next time via DMs to any of our social media.

Make sure to add any new titles to your pull here, and keep up with us on social media!

Limited Editions, faster than the speed of sound ⚡

You can find us on Facebook at Limited Editions Comics and Collectibles and Instagram at @lmteditions. You can find my Instagram at @talesofsuspense57 where I post comics and comics accessories.

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