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Outlawed #1 Written by Eve Ewing Art by Kim Jacinto and Espen Grundetjern Lettering by Clayton Cowles Published by Marvel Comics


After reading OUTLAWED #1 I couldn’t help but to compare it to the beginning of the Marvel Civil War. Without giving too much away, an incident occurs involving the story’s protagonists that resulted in damage to public property, along with some civilian casualties. In response the U.S. Government passes legislation that will make it illegal to conduct hero activities under the age of 21. Being that our protagonists for this title are all teenagers, this will be the primary obstacle that needs to be overcome for this Arc. The Outlawed storyline will be compromised of three new series: Champions, New Warriors, and Power Pack. Honestly, I’m only excited for Champions, but who knows? The other two might surprise me. I’m going to read all three, so that I can get the complete story.

The Story and pacing was pretty steady and did a good job of keeping me engaged throughout the read. One thing of note is that the character that set off the catastrophe had no particular reason for her actions other than she was acting off of emotion. This is the struggle, because the core reason for the legislation is that the part of the brain that controls impulse actions is not fully developed until thee age of 25. I think that this will be a good opportunity for character development for all of the cast. The reason why I think this is because quite often in comic literature if there is a character on a team that regularly breaks formation and does some brash action, it is usually one of the younger members. I expect that the primary focus of this line will be on self-discipline and team building for the teenage characters, with an emphasis of understanding and plenty of self-reflection for the adults that were once teenage heroes.

I expect great things from this story line. I definitely recommend OUTLAWED #1. I’ll be keeping all of y’all up to date regarding the mains story titles.

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