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TMNT: Last Ronin #3 Review (Light spoilers)

Script: Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman.

Edits: Bobby Curnow

Publisher: IDW

Rating: B

Hello, friends. I have gone through my second read of Last Ronin issue 3, and being that number 4 will release tomorrow; I thought that I should give my thoughts on this issue.

Honestly not much went down in this issue regarding character development. Truly the only thing that we receive regarding that Hiroto back story combined with some monolog midway through the book. The more he talks, the more I seem to dislike his character. All he does is give the typical big bad monolog and complains how he was all alone after Karai was put into a coma when he was 6. I find that he is super hard to relate to.

The story progresses nicely, continuing to explain the events that lead up to each of our beloved heroes fall. We learn that once Hiroto becomes leader of the foot he sets up a parlay for peace talks with the turtles to be held in Japan. As Donnie and Splinter head out to Japan, Baxter attacks the remaining group with robotic foot soldiers. It is unclear as to whether or not this was a coordinated attack with Hiroto. I hope that this will be further explained in issue 4. The art during this flash back was top notch along with the Leonardo and Casey Jones dialog. Anyone familiar with the first movie will remember with the pain 101 line. At a point during the fight Casey says the line then gets blown away to a corner of the room; he looks around at the tools available and finds a sledgehammer labeled 101. Anyway we all know what happens to Casey and Leo, so let's not go into it.

After that we get some more backstory about what happened to Mike and April after the battle with Baxter. It's drawn in the Kevin Eastman style, which I'm not really a fan of. The conclusion being that the new team has to take down Baxter before getting to Hiroto. All in all good issue. I'm looking forward to giving my 2 cents on issue 4. Until then, catch you soon!!!

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