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Script: Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman

Edits: Bobby Curnow

Publisher: IDW

Rating: A-

What is going on dudes, it has been a little close to a month since TMNT: The Last Ronin #5 dropped and I think it is time to give my review on issue number 5, as well as my final thoughts on the entire series. This review will be graded utilizing three criteria: art, character development and story progression. We have much to touch on so let’s get into it.


The penciling is done primarily by the Escorza brothers, with the panels being containing the younger turtles being drawn by Ben Bishop. I feel as though the art done by Escorza grew on me over time, and I appreciate how the Escorza style really gets across the feeling of the post-apocalyptic/steam punk setting of the main story. For further clarification Bishop is the penciler for the flash backs containing Leo, Donnie and Raph. To be honest if Bishop would have drawn the entirety of the story I would not have been upset at all. All in all, it was consistent and satisfactory.

Character development:

Michelangelo and Hiroto received the most character development or lack thereof in this issue. While in Splinter’s study staring at his master’s journal, Michelangelo ponders on what is going to be his next move against Hiroto while the majority of the foots defenses are down due to the recent attack on Baxter’s compound. While he is in deep thought the spirits of his aged brothers are pressing him to strike now while Hiroto’s defenses are down. It’s not really clear whether or not if his brothers are actual spirits or figments of his imagination. But either way during the argument with his brothers, he told them to go away, and then they faded away for good. As they fade Mikey closes splinter’s journal as to say that he is closing a chapter in his life. Very well done. Now let’s get the turd of a character that is Hiroto. Hiroto is such a bad character, he doesn’t have any depth at all. He is a one tone character, that only harps on the fact that he hates the Turtles, and that he has been alone ever since his mother became comatose when he was a boy. When he killed her at the end, I wasn’t surprised, just disappointed that the character was so trash.

Story progression:

For turtle fans it was decently written and enjoyable. Believable, not really. Raph rushing in and dying in a battle to death with Karai 100% believable. That little punk Hiroto taking out Splinter, Leo, Donnie, and Case; not at all believable. They just made too many tactical mistakes that are uncharacteristic of the turtles. It was a good adventure, that was an enjoyable read from point A to point B; but if you want high level story telling this it is not. If you want a story that was made for turtle fans, and is non stop action from beginning to end, this is the mini series for you. The rating that I give this is an A- .

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