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TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 review (light spoilers)

Script: Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman

Edits: Bobby Curnow

Publisher: IDW

Rating: A

“Grim, gritty….my kinda place” (Raphael, Turtles Forever)

The Lone Turtle

The story takes place in a dark future in which the Oroku clan has finally conquered New York City. There we are introduced to an aged turtle breaking his way in over the city walls. He is clearly speaking to someone out loud but we cannot see the other person. A couple of pages down we see that he is speaking to three shadowy un-aged turtles. You are immediately able to tell that the other turtles aren’t really there. Which begs the question, is our main character suffering from some form of PTSD? Because the dialogue isn’t in the thought boxes, he is actually talking these turtles that we as the readers know aren’t really there. His outfit is simple but effective, but why is he wearing it. Is it for stealth? I mean they were ninjas before, right? But I digress, it works for me. He seems to be extremely proficient and mature; I’m sure it’s because he is 50 years old minimum. I’m interested to see if the author is going to dive deeper into what he has experienced during the time skip.

The Heir to the Foot

Obviously we don’t know much about Oroku Hiroto, minus the fact that he is Karai’s son. His design for me isn’t to impressive. One could argue that he is a ninja and that his outfit should be simple and effective, but IDW Karai’s outfits were so boss!! He needs to step up his big boss clothing game. Other than that he seems like sort of a brat. We were also shown that Karai is alive in some sort of stasis pod. I forecast that she will play an important part in the story. Hopefully so because, going off of issue number 1; Oroku Hiroto is a going to be a major let down to the clan. Just calling it like it is.

No Frills, The Analysis

This is going to be a must read for any TMNT fan, Point blank, Period. This issue is just laying the foundation. So we don’t have much to go on regarding any story depth at the moment. When I was reading the first couple of pages I was reminded very much of the mirage turtles. The art and inking was grim and gritty, but clean! I’m just interested in what story line are they following mirage or idw, or maybe it is it’s own continuity. Either way I’m in. My ranking goes is S,A,B,C,D,E&F. Because of how underwhelming the supposed villain is, I have to give it a A-. Lets see what the next issue brings to the table. Until next time: Strike Hard, Fade Away, and Stay Focused!

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