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Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Publisher: MARVEL

Rating: B

How's it going True Believers? I have just finished reading the X Deaths of Moira.......err, I mean the X Deaths of Wolverine #1, and I am ready to give my thoughts. My grading scale is based off of art, story progression and character development; so let's get into it!

I actually prefer the art of X Deaths issue #1 versus X Lives issue #1. The penciling is sharp and the inking is bright. I feel as though the art of Vicentini is more modern while the art of Cassara in this particular run comes across as mor vintage I wonder if this is being done on purpose because X Lives of Wolverine seems to take place more in the past. The art is good but in my opinion not mind blowing.

Story Progression. As hinted to in the beginning of this review, this story so far has Moira as the focus point. Without giving away to much a de-powered Moira is currently on the run from from Mystique and Desitiny following the events of Inferno. She realizes quickly that there something wrong with her body. I don't understand how her body is breaking down so quickly when during inferno there was nothing wrong. Anyway, I digress, she quickly makes her way to the USA where she gets Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer by Jane Foster aka Valyrie. While in the hospital she is attacked by Mystique and with the help of Valkyrie escapes. During the exchange she catches the attention of the X-desk devision of the CIA. So now we have two threats that's coming for Moira. While Moira is on the run we are introduced to a new piece of technology called Epihany. Essentailly it is an ocular implant that allows the user to store everything that they see and say into the Epihany cloud storage. What I wonder is if it is only for that day or does it upload all of your memories? I'm sure that we are going to find out in the later issues.

Next we are introduced to a mysterious figure that suddenly appears in an egg form in the vegetation of Krakoa. Black Tom Cassidy notices immediatly and is killed by what comes out of the egg during his investigation. The figure is then seen literally sniffing around Moira's no-space. On the final page we are introduced to a sort of Biotech version of Wolverine. I'm sure that Cypher is involved somehow and I want to know how.

Character development. There isn't much in regards to this catagory. There is only one thing. Why is Moira so concerned with living?! Remember, she was tring to create a cure for the x-gene. Girl, I bet you wish you had those powers now!!! Thats really it, lol.

Well those are my thoughts, the issue was godd but not great. I give it a solid B. Well true beleivers there won't be a review for X Lives or Deaths 2, but keep a lookout for a video halftime analysis. Until then, I'll catch you later true believers.

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