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X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #1 Review (minor spoilers)

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Joshua Cassara

Publisher: MARVEL

Rating: A

Jonathan Hickman's X-MEN has come to a close and I'm in need for more X-MEN goodness following the events of Inferno. Lucky for me Marvel has provided us with the X Lives of Wolverine mini series to hold us over until Immortal X-MEN. For those true believers who are new to my reviews I rate based off of three categories: art, story progression and character development. Let's get into it.

I always give a disclaimer that art is subjective. I have a very particular type of penciling that I favor and unfortunately Cassara's style isn't it. I'm not saying that I hate it, but its just not sharp enough for my taste. But do I think that it compliments the over all story, especially the time period that the majority of this issue takes place? Yes.

Now let's get into story progression. There are two main characters so far, Wolverine and Omega red. Wolverine is essentially pulling a Days of Future Past and is traveling back in time in order to prevent some thing horrible from happening. In this issue it is to prevent the death of Professor X. Lets see if that remains the mission. Via flashback we leearn that Omega red an asylum seeker residing in Krakoa, but has found out during his own investigation that if and when he is ressurected by the 5, the Quiet Council intends to use him as a tool for the nation against his will. Omega Red most likely through Russian aid is in the past inhabiting bodies, trying to take out Professor X and we as the readers have no idea why. Very interesting

Character development. There wasn't much . It was pretty much Wolverine being Wolverine and Red being Red. What we did learn was just how cut throat and ruthless Beast is as head of the team that does dirt: X-FORCE. He is most likely following orders from the quiet council, but was turning Omega Red as a Krakoan asset against his will a Quiet Council idea or are Charles and Eric back to their old secretive ways?

The first issue was a good one. This one I give an A. Keep a look out for more reviews. Until then talk to you later.

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