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X-MEN: Inferno #3 review (Mild Spoilers)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Penciler: Valerio Schiti

Publisher: MARVEL

Rating: S

Welcome true believers, I hope that you are enjoying this awesome event as much as I am. This review will be broken up into three parts: art, story progression, character development, and my final thoughts. Let's begin.

This section will be super short. I believe that art is completely subjective. So, in my humble opinion this art is outstanding. Everything is tight, from the penciling to how the colors pop off the panels. Let's move on!

Story progression. Everything is flowing nicely. The story is told in a way that even if you aren't completely caught up with all of the recent X-men lore you are able to follow along. We are introduced to two key pieces of information that are definitely going to impact the series later down the line. Number one is that when Cypher was getting Krakoa ready for an entire nation of mutants to inhabit it; Cypher along with Warlock made it so that there wasn't any corner of Krakoa that was beyond his ear. Meaning that he was able to hear everyones secrets without them knowing about it, this includes the existence of Moira. Second piece of key information is that The Omega Sentinel is from a different time line in which the mutants always win. There of course is more, but in order to find that out, I suggest that you read the issue.

Character development. In this we will be talking primarily about Cypher, Emma Frost and the Omega Sentinal. Just as I said in the story progression section, nothing can be hid from Cypher as long as it takes place in Krakoa. Cypher believed in the vision of a nation of mutants. Cypher believed in Xavier. But we find out that Cypher did not have blind faith in Xavier. We can probably attribute that towards Xavier's past mistakes in conjunction with Cypher having common sense. I say that because if Emma could have unlimited access to what was going in the mind of Xavier would she have taken it? The answer being of course!!!!! The Character development that we received from the White Queen being that after finding out that she was left out of the loop of what was going on with Moira; her tendencies to be completely self-reliant was only further enforced, and that you can see by the brilliant art and script that she was cearly hurt. But I have a feeling that her decision to give Mystique and Destiny information will actually help Krakoa instead of hurting it. Last is the Omega Sentinel. We find out that she is a from a different time line where the Mutants always win in regards to the war between humans and mutants. This could mean one of two things, either Moira is lying or there are just that many different that timelines that exist outside of Moira's. I would say that Moira is a lier, because it has been established that in this continuity after Moira is reincarnated she resets the timeline instead of creating a separate one.

My final thoughts. Emma will be the unsung hero of this arc. I think Moira has alterior motives and that Moira is trying to ensure a future where humans get the W. Inferno is an excellent piece of work pick it up. Unitl then, I'm out. Oh!!!! I forgot keep a look a out for my Emma is Queen and Jean grey sucks video. Peace!!!!!

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