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Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Penciler: Valerio Schiti

Publisher: MARVEL

Rating: S

Welcome true believers! It’s time!!!! Inferno issue number 4 has released and it did not disappoint, so let’s get into it. This issue will be graded using my regular system: art, story progression, character development and final thoughts.

The art was of course spectacular, but art is subjective. In my humble opinion, the penciling was clean, while the inking was gritty and just dark enough to capture the severity of the situation. Especially during the Professor and Eric vs. Omega and Nimrod fight.

As for character progression, Omega sentinel and Nimrod most definitely takes the majority of the shine. Their dialogue with Xavier and Erik exposed about their motivation and intentions, while progressing the story further. We learned that at the end of the day the machines that were created as tools to destroy mutant kind in order to secure human supremacy; view humans and mutants as the same: they must be eliminated. Runner up is the lovely Emma Frost and how at the end of the day she was able to get over her sense of betrayal for being left out the loop. She came up with a solution that would even the playing field and make everyone truly equal among the quiet council. She acknowledged that even though Xavier and Erik were correct to keep Moira and the future possibilities of mutant kind secret, they were wrong to keep them only to themselves. Even though her taking the reins during Xavier and Eriks absence and making such a bold move isn’t surprising ,it enforced the idea that she is committed to true equality amongst the quiet council.

The ending of this event left me with two major take aways in regards to the story progression. Number one being that the humans and the mutants both have an enemy in the Machines. Number two we have seen that the omega level mutants can more than hold their own against the Omega Sentinel and Nimrod. The only issue is that when the mutants are resurrected they do not retain the memories of the encounter with the two enemies. So in essence the danger that Omega and Nimrod posses is still unknown to the mutants. Which will continue on as a major hurdle that will definitely be addressed in the future X-MEN issues.

This event for me was excellent and is a must read for any X-MEN fan. I touched on what I thought were the major take aways from my read. If you want to know the details regarding the fate of Moira I encourage you to pick up the issue at your local comic book store. Until next time, stay awesome.

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