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X-MEN: INFERNO ISSUES 1&2 Review (mild spoilers)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Penciler: Valerio Schiti

Publisher: MARVEL

Rating: S

I have been enjoying X-MEN sooo much since the formation of Krakoa, I really don't want to see it end. But I for see some nonsense getting ready to go down. Any way let's get down business. For this review we will be going over the overall plot, characters, and story progression.

The danger is beginning to get a little higher for our heroes on krakoa. With each attack on the orchis forge, the humans get more efficient at disposing of the attacking team, while the mutants fail to adapt due to their lack of memory of the battle upon resurrection. This is a major problem, but not the only one. Mystique, through her cunning has brought back her wife Destiny to the living, to the surprise to our primary protagonists: Charles and Erik. If you have read house and powers of x, you will recall that Moira was killed by Destiny in her previous life because of her cure to the x gene research. Moira has warned Charles and Erik that the resurrection of Destiny will cause the end of Krakoa, but is that the truth?

So far here are the main players in Inferno: Charles, Erik, Moira, Mystique and Destiny. The thing is I don't believe that things are as cut and dry as it seems. By that I mean that Mystique and Destiny aren't exactly the cookie cutter bad guys in this story. We have to remember that at the end of the day, they killed Moira in life number 3 because her deeds would eventually cause the end of mutant kind. So what does that mean, does Moira have ulterior motives? I would lean more on that guess. But we don't know exactly what that is. Remember destiny killed Moira in life number 3, which means that Moira had lived multiple lives when destiny had the opportunity to take her out. This leads me to believe that she is going to attempt something risky, but she doesn't know how it is going to turn out.

The story progresses wonderfully as we learn in issue two the means in which Mystique took in order to bring Destiny back; the deception as well as the back door deals. The looming threat of Nimrod being back online and getting stronger and more capable by the second. And who is the greater threat to mutantdom, Nimrod, Moira or Destiny. Make sure to pick these up to get the full scope of the story so far. As for me I'm going to rank this as an S. Be sure to read the next review, ttyl.

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